Mr. Christopher Smith

Shodan – Jukido Jujitsu
Florida Jukido Jujitsu Academy – Palm Coast, FL

Mr. Christopher Smith began his Kokondo training in the art of Jukido Jujitsu under the guidance of Sensei Rego in mid 2003. Mr. Smith is among the most dedicated of the students in the FJJA family. He has participated in all major Kokondo events since the beginning of his training, both regionally and internationally. Mr. Smith is among the most senior students of Sensei Rego and is among the 3rd set of black belts promoted by the IKA in Florida, along with Mr. Huber & Mr. Kim. In addition to regular instruction, Mr. Smith has benefited from his involvement at the annual seminars in Florida and the International Seminar. Mr. Smith has also received private instruction from Sensei Rego. Mr. Smith is also a semi-regular participant in Kokondo karate classes held at the Palm Coast dojo.

In August 2008 Mr. Smith was promoted to rank of probationary shodan (1st degree black belt) in at the art of Jukido Jujitsu. This significant milestone was achieved at the largest and most important Kokondo event of the year, the International Seminar. His final test was marked by an intense session of multiple attackers self defense. As if this wasn’t enough, Mr. Smith had the distinct honor and challenge of utilizing his Jukido throwing and self defense techniques against Master Robert E. Robert (6th dan & IKA’s National Jukido Director). He was successful and was promoted to probationary black belt by Shihan Paul Arel & Sensei Rego.

Mr. Smith is a living success story of the Kokondo martial arts and the FJJA. Much of this success story is detailed in the article written by Mr. Smith titled, Intensity. Mr. Smith began searching for a dojo after a life-changing event. At age 39 and weighting nearly 380 lbs he was diagnosed as type II diabetic. His doctor informed him that, short of major life changes, Mr. Smith was looking “at the light at the end of the tunnel.” Mr. Smith changed at that moment and hit the “reset” button on his life. Along with dietary changes, Mr. Smith decided to utilize martial arts as a guide in bettering himself moving forward.

Mr. Smith found the Jukido dojo after an extensive search for martial arts schools that taught legitimate martial arts. Having experienced traditional Korean martial arts as a child, Mr. Smith was disappointed when searching local schools in St. Augustine, Florida to find a seemingly limitless number of commercialized schools that focused on sport based martial arts but unable to find a school the likened back to the traditional martial arts that focused on realistic and powerful techniques that he experienced as a child. Mr. Smith searched from St. Augustine to Jacksonville, Florida. After almost losing hope, he found the website of the Florida Jukido Jujitsu Academies (FJJA). He visited a class and within moments, realized that he had found “home.” Since his first class at age 39 in 2003, Mr. Smith has lost nearly 100 lbs. In addition to this, he serves a living example of someone who started with a weight disadvantage, was middle aged, and lived 40 minutes from the dojo – but didn’t allow these inconveniences to become an excuse for not bettering himself. During his first class in 2003, he couldn’t perform 50 jumping jacks – today he is among an elite group of FJJA black belts who know that Kokondo ranks are not given away but earned through hard work, time, and dedication.

Mr. Smith is well known in the dojo for his fun personality and titanic intelligence. As one of the top computer engineers in the country, the FJJA is fortunate to have him as the Webmaster for our dojo website. Mr. Smith is key in media projects for the FJJA. Mr. Smith’s black belt evaluation essay has become a favorite article on our dojo’s website:

Mr. Smith is an asset and key member of the FJJA who continues his training in the dojo, at IKA events, and under the direct tutelage of private black belt classes conducted by Sensei Rego.