Women’s Self-Defense

Women's self defense class

Jiu Jitsu Classes For Women In Florida

Jukido Academy has provided women’s self-defense seminars both at our main school in Palm Coast, Florida as well as providing these seminars for many local, regional, and national organizations.

These community seminars serve to educate women not only basic self-defense techniques, but more importantly, on the importance of practicing the most important rules of personal safety in their daily lives.

A female instructor teaching her student self-defense techniquesThe techniques taught in these specialized clinics draw from the most basic & effective techniques of self-defense. The information and lecture portion of these seminars, which in many ways is more important than the techniques, is simple, straight forward, and empowers women to take a more active role in their safety.

In addition to providing semi-regular seminars at our own school, we provide seminars for organizations and schools. Some of the local, regional, and national organizations that have requested our services include but are not limited too:

  • NASCAR World Headquarters – Daytona Beach, Florida
  • City of Flagler Beach, Florida – City Hall, Flagler Beach Florida
  • Daytona State College (Psychology Dept / Palm Coast Campus) – Palm Coast, Florida
  • University of Central Florida (Daytona Campus) – Daytona Beach ,FL
  • Radiology Associates of Palm Coast, St. Augustine, & Twin Lakes
  • United Way / Women in Networking
  • Fitness One – Palm Coast, Florida
  • Hot Yoga Lounge – Palm Coast, Florida
  • Flagler Beach Police Department
  • Revive Fitness & Lifestyle Management – Ormond Beach Florida

Participants to our seminars often remark as to how our sessions are not an “infomercial” for our school but rather focus on the common needs of women in an organized, concise, and personal way. In addition to enjoying and benefiting from the seminar, various women have written to recommend us to other women’s groups and organizations.

One of the points of pride for our academy is the large membership of girls & women. For girls and women looking for self-defense beyond a single seminar, we have vast experience meeting the needs of female students. Additionally, our curriculum focus on a martial arts program designed for realistic self-defense – where the reality is that size and strength are usually factors against women victims. With the Jukido approach to martial arts, women learn how to utilize the size, motion, and anatomy of a larger person to their advantage!

If you are interested in having specialized seminar for your local school, company, church, or club, please contact us via e-mail at jukidoacademy@gmail.com or at 386-445-8754.

Jujitsu instructors doing a demonstration in front of their students