The Unique Approach

The Unique Approach to Jiu-Jitsu

The Jukido Academy is widely considered to be a world-class dojo of authentic martial arts instruction. It is the most well attended Jukido Jujitsu dojo in the world and the most well established school of jiu-jitsu and karate in Palm Coast and Flagler County Florida.

One of the many items that truly makes the Jukido Academy and it’s jiu-jitsu system deeply standout in the Palm Coast, FL and Flagler County community is it’s highly focused approach to the instruction, practice, and philosophy of martial arts. Jukido Academy is not the “cookie-cutter” neighborhood martial arts studio.

Martial Arts Studio With a woman in black and men in whiteThere are many approaches to teaching martial arts. Unfortunately, today’s “martial arts” community is truly flooded with many “studios” who’s primary objective is business first. As such, they are driven primary by profits and popularity. Whatever happens to be the newest fad in martial arts – one can rest assured that they’ll be “teaching” it at their business. Whether they are qualified to teach it or not is a separate issue.

Often these types of schools offer a “menu” list of programs that they offer. At one school alone one might find advertising for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, Karate, Judo, Kick Boxing, Tai-Chi, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, among other arts they teach under one roof! It is like the Wal-Mart of martial arts. Authentic martial artists often talk about how it takes a lifetime to perfect and master a particular style of martial arts. In these facilities, that ideology is thrown out the window! The approach is to be “a little bit good at this and a little bit good at that” but never very good at anything. This demonstrates a complete lack of decorum, respect, or focus in the approach to studying and teaching martial arts.

Additionally many teach “pee-wee” karate or after-school “daycare karate” that are more fun and games than they are actual martial arts. So long as these two and three year olds are potty-trained and their parents are willing to pay tuition (and sign a contract) – they will gladly take in a child. Parents should make no mistake about it – teaching children this young is easy. The children might also have a wonderfully fun time! However, there is a difference between having fun and teaching substance. Just because a child is wearing a uniform and occasionally hitting a bag, does not qualify that program as legitimate martial arts. Because of the extremely young age, some of these children often lack the understanding and discipline required in real martial arts and thus treat “karate” or jiu-jitsu as a game – and the behaviors they learn often find themselves being used at home, on the playground, or at school inappropriately.

This lack of focus on martial arts and primary focus on business (money) – produces sub-par quality martial arts instruction and does a disservice to the student who is led to have false-confidence in their abilities. This is a disservice to the larger martial arts community and the local community as a whole.

Contrasting from the above – the jiu-jitsu and teaching methodology at the Jukido Academy is highly focused in its approach to practicing and teaching martial arts. We are a school first (not a business)and foremost! As such our job isn’t only to make a profit but more importantly to actually educate our members with quality and substance in their study of jiu-jitsu. The sole focus of the physical aspect to our jiu-jitsu system has always been, is, and always will be on the application of martial arts techniques in realistic self-defense situations.

A female student in a martial arts studioIt doesn’t matter what is popular in martial arts world at the current moment…one can rest assured that our jiu-jitsu focus will never change! In fact, the original purpose of any real martial art is on self-protection. We haven’t lost sight of that in an effort to chase profits, fads, or martial arts as competitive sports, or winning “trophies” at tournaments. Self-defense isn’t something that we do, in addition, to a variety of other programs on our “menu” (sport based martial arts, pee-wee karate, systems of jiu-jitsu that focus only on ground fighting, cardio kickboxing)…it is what we do exclusively. Like real martial artists…We are highly focused.

We are focused on the realities of practical self-defense, while teaching these skills in martial arts environment that is traditional, professional, fun, and yet tremendously challenging. Realistic self-defense includes bully prevention, disarming techniques for civilians and law enforcement, child abduction techniques, sexual assault prevention techniques, and the defense against common and uncommon modes of attack. Unlike sport-based martial arts with weight classes, rules, and referees – in real life, most attackers won’t fit into our “weight category” or follow a set of unified rules of combat. Often, these attackers have not only the size and strength advantage, but they might attack with a weapon and by surprise. The Jukido Academy’s system of Jiu-Jitsu focuses specifically on these realities. We haven’t lost focus on the original purpose of martial arts – effective self-defense! The Jukido system of jiu-jitsu maintains the integrity of that original purpose and hasn’t lost focus by the distractions of sport, profit, or fads.

Of course, there are the non-physical aspects of authentic martial arts as well. The Jukido Academy – as the most well attended and longest running school in Flagler County and Palm Coast, Florida – is well known for its adherence to the highest standards of not only technical jiu-jitsu but the philosophy that is the hallmark of real martial arts. Attributes such as self-discipline, confidence, and a positive attitude are cultivated through a moral code known as Bushido (the way of the warrior). Bushido encompasses the virtues of: Courage, Justice, Politeness, Veracity, Benevolence, Loyalty, and Honor.

The combination of physical jiu-jitsu skills taught for realistic self-defense coupled with the moral strength build from the codes of Bushido brings highly focused school and style of jiu-jitsu that translates those skills to our students.