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Jiu Jitsu Private Instruction in Florida


One of the best ways to embark or enhance your training and take full advantage of the opportunities the Jukido Academy is by taking private classes. We offer three main avenues for private instruction.

They include:two women students with their jujitsu instructor

  • Private Student Curriculum (member): Students who study in the “private” program are essentially embarking on a long-term study of the art of Jukido Jujitsu. The student will learn either one-on-one with our Chief Instructor or in a small private group . In the Private Program students learn the holistic curriculum of Jukido Jujitsu: The self-defense curriculum, the art and philosophy, and the pursuit of perfection as a long-term martial artist. Students in the private program are still encouraged to supplement training with occasional, semi-regular, or regular participation in group classes.
  • Private Lesson (member): “Normal” private lessons for established members of the Jukido Academy. During these private classes students will work review fundamentals, spend significant time working on rank specific training, have trouble areas or questions addressed, and get specialized personal attention by our Chief Instructor. These can be done as “single” lessons or can be approached as a series lessons that will be built off of each previous lesson in a progressive manner. Private lessons of this type can taken individually or together with another dojo member.
  • Private Lessons (non-member): These lessons are designed for individuals who are NOT currently students of our school and have no previous knowledge of our art and curriculum. These lessons offer an opportunity to introduce one to the art and learn the “ABCs of Self-Defense.” The classes can address practical techniques to common attacks (grabs, holds, weapons assault, etc.) or it can be tailored to a very specific need (security personnel, those traveling, sexual assault, etc.). These lessons can also be taught as “single” sessions or taken in a series of progressive lessons. In these lessons you will work directly with our Chief Instructor who will give you direct feedback on every technique.

Read what a few individuals have to say about private instruction at the Jukido Academy

Jennifer Kupier (high school teacher – son is a youth member)

“My son Riley is 9 years old and has been receiving private lessons from Sensei Rego for about a year now.

I first met Sensei Rego at an anti-bullying event in the community. His demeanor and the skills his students demonstrated made me hopeful that this could be the instructor and the dojo for my son. Riley was always interested in martial arts, but we had horrible experiences at two other dojos.

Riley has autism, and this makes it difficult for him to adjust to a sensory-filled environment. Unfortunately, it also makes him a target for bullies. Riley was making great strides with his therapies in school and at Easter Seals, and his therapists kept encouraging me to get him into a sport so he could work on his coordination, strength, balance, and social skills. I decided to speak with Sensei after the demonstration, and he was excited about the challenge of working with Riley.

We decided on private lessons first to get him used to his surroundings and some of the people he’d be working with. It worked like a charm! Riley had a series of six private lessons over the course of about 2 months. After that he was able to transition pretty seamlessly into the group class over the summer.

Within one week of being back at school a student tried to pull Riley out of his seat in the cafeteria. Riley was able to escape when the kid grabbed his wrist thanks to a move he learned in jujitsu! He stood his ground and stayed in his seat, deterring the bully with every move until one of the adults in the cafeteria intervened. Without jujitsu, Riley would have been pulled out of his seat, made fun of, and likely would have suffered quite a bit emotionally. Instead, after this experience his confidence went through the roof and no one at school bothered him again!

In addition to learning how to defend himself physically, he also learned how to defend himself verbally. He soaked up everything he learned. Eventually we decided he didn’t need his occupational therapy at Easter Seals anymore because jujitsu was his therapy! He was working on muscle control, balance, coordination, and making friends. We still go back for private lessons every few months just so Riley could spend more time on certain skills he’s learning. All he ever wants for holiday gifts are private lessons! He loves having one on one time with Sensei Rego and his team so he can learn new things at a faster pace. I highly recommend private lessons for yourself or your child!

Lisa Motyka (adult program member)

Private lessons have been an integral part of my training over the last couple years and would highly encourage anyone trying to improve their skillset to take lessons. Sensei Rego is an incredible instructor! He instills in me the importance of practicing the fundamentals. His dedication to the craft enables me to enhance mine. The one-on-one sessions allow us to review and refine the nuances in my techniques. As with any new experience, it’s all about the big things but after a while, honing in on the details are where improvements are made. There is no question private lessons are a great investment. They are very insightful and also fun!

James Thrall (adult program member)

“Sensei Rego is an experienced, thoughtful, jujitsu & karate instructor adept at demonstrating and teaching martial arts. He is always prepared, professional, and engaging. He creates a safe and comfortable environment while promoting a culture of learning. Everyone appreciates his respectful caring demeanor and his overt interest in seeing his students grow and succeed in mastering jujitsu and karate.

Sensei Rego has always been very accommodating in providing private lessons to me. I have utilized private lessons to help with specific areas of jujitsu and karate that I needed additional help with outside the general class. For example, I was having trouble with proper ukemi (falling properly when being thrown). Through the use of private lessons my ukemi has improved so that I am more confident when being thrown and actually enjoy it. During private lessons, Sensei has given immediate assessment and feedback modifying, correcting, and strengthening technique. I have personally found private lessons especially helpful in improving my jujitsu throwing technique and learning karate kata.

I certainly highly recommend that anyone interested in improving their martial arts skills seek private instruction with Sensei Rego. You will not be disappointed.”

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