Excellent for all ages! Very effective techniques provided by instruction that is second-to-none. Sensei Rego teaches in a way such that allows the student to have great workout while having fun. Don’t take my word for it – visit the dojo and you’ll see it in the enthusiasm of all of his students. Palm Coast is lucky to have such a class. Christopher Dodds

The Academy is an outstanding school. Five Star! The sensei is an articulate teacher that is in complete command of the art. My daughter has been going there for 3 years and has achieved goals that were not given to her like some martial art schools but, earned by hard work and perseverance. Sensei Rego and his academy represents all that could be hoped for in a martial arts dojo. You won’t be disappointed! Ramona Mack

The Jukido Jujitsu Academy is an excellent dojo. You will find Sensei George Rego to be a patient, yet exacting instructor. His grasp of the art as taught to him by none other than its founder is exemplary! What you will also notice is the high amount of courtesy and cooperation of the students. They develop as quality human beings as well as quality martial artists. Chuck Martin

My daughter joined the Jukido Academy Family over a year ago. She loves it and I love it. She is so focused and I don’t worry about her near as much as I did before. I know she can handle herself if need be. Sensei Rego, is a wonderful teacher and is so great with all of his students. I have never met or seen a more caring and patient teacher. He takes the time with all of his students and truly cares about them. I am so grateful to have found him when I did. Tonya Gordon

I have been a student of Jukido Jujitsu since I was 13 and I am now approaching 23 years old. Jukido Jujitsu solidified an astronomic proportion of the foundation of how I live and continue to do so. Sensei George Rego has never faltered in his dedication to each and every student. Under a great instructor and a finely crafted art students will learn real, authentic, self-defense the way it was supposed to be. This is not a sport; rather what is learned is applicable in both a physical and mental sense in all aspects of life. Alex Greutman

I’ve been involved in sport martial arts for over 30 years, earning a 3rd degree black belt in judo and a first degree in taekwondo. I thought I’d learned to defend myself–until I experienced what Jukido Jujitsu had to offer. In an instant, I realized that my previous approach to self-defense was completely inadequate for a street encounter! Sensei Rego is one of the finest instructors I’ve encountered in well over 30 years of martial arts. He is not only able to clearly explain the “how” and “why” of a technique, but is quite capable of demonstrating them during full-force sessions. This caliber of training provides his students with a reflexive level of mastery that will elude students of many other arts. I would strongly recommend Jukido Jujitsu if you are considering a journey into martial arts. John Moseley