Children’s Jujitsu Program

Kids Jiu-Jitsu Classes in Florida

A Jujitsu Instructor carrying his young child studentThe benefits of authentic martial arts for youth be they children or teenagers is immeasurable! The Jukido Academy has been teaching children through our kid’s jujitsu program in the Palm Coast, Flagler County, and the surrounding area since 1999 – making the Jukido Academy the most experienced school in teaching self-defense to children in the area!

In addition to the teaching experience; our dojo offers an environment and an atmosphere that is different from many martial arts “studios” that focus exclusively on games, sports, and an obsessive approach toward forcing children to complete in martial arts competitions. Regardless of age, our students are learning serious, age appropriate, jujitsu self-defense skills that better enable them to deal with real life situations they might encounter in today’s dangerous world. Many schools occasionally “touch” on the subject of self-defense, along with their games and sporting events, but the Jukido Academy’s physical instruction – teaches traditional martial arts exclusively for realistic and practical scenarios; by teaching children how to use “Verbal Jukido” to talk down a bully, apply jujitsu skills to defend from an attack, or how to implement a survival strategy in the event of a child abduction!

Jujitsu, and particularly our style of jujitsu – named Jukido, is the perfect art of self-defense for children or anyone who is physically smaller and weaker than their attacker (which is the way it happens in real life….big people tend to attack smaller people). The main reason for this is that our children are learning methods of utilizing a bigger and stronger person’s size, strength, and motion against them! In Jukido Jujitsu, the bigger they are…the harder they fall quite literally!

Many martial arts that focus entirely on striking techniques – such as punching and kicking, aren’t realistic for children (or adults for that matter). Although there are many striking techniques that, with expertise, are very effective against larger and stronger people – the child’s chance of winning a “fist fight” with a fully grown adult who might be trying to abduct them are slim. However, utilizing motion and leverage to break an adult’s grip on their wrist (as in pulling the child into a car), as an example, will be much more effective because these concepts aren’t based on size or strength but rather on effectively and simply manipulating leverage, motion, and anatomy abilify.

The students in our youth jujitsu program know that although class might be fun, it isn’t a game or sport! This is where many children’s martial arts programs go wrong, by focusing exclusively on “games” to keep student retention high (but not teaching them much of value). Our kids know that nothing is “given” to them and that everything is earned, including their belt.

In addition to the martial arts instruction that enables children and young adults to be safe in realistic self-defense situations, they gain much more than just physical skills! Students in our youth jujitsu program benefit from a variety of nonphysical elements that are just as important as the physical skills in making them Jukido Juniors!

Some of these are:2 child male students learning jujitsu

  • Character Development through our Bushido Code (Way of the Warrior), which includes: Courage, Politeness, Justice, Loyalty, Benevolence, Veracity, and Honor
  • Self-Discipline and pro-active approach to goals
  • Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
  • Positive attitude of always doing one’s best
  • Physical Fitness in a challenging, yet fun and safe environment
  • Awareness of surroundings and strangers / Well rounded self-defense skills
  • Internal Motivation: Rather then “competing” with the “opponent” for an external prize such as a trophy or medal – Jukido Juniors learn that the real competition is with one’s self!

Jukido, which translates too: The Way of Gentle Flowing Power, is the perfect form of martial art for children and parents who are looking for an approach that will give them more than just being a member of a sports club where the objective is simply to “beat” the other team! Jukido Jujitsu is perfect for parents and children who want something that will improve their self-defense skills in a real way in today’s modern world. Our children’s jujitsu program is perfect for youth and parents who what that “x factor” that separates them from the norm with respect to confidence, discipline, and a sense of respect for themselves and others. Is Jukido Jujitsu perfect for you or your child? Come find out – Welcome to the Jukido Academy!

“At first I did not want to start Jukido Jujitsu, but my parents insisted I give it a try. When I went into the dojo for the first time I guess I was in the mind set of thinking that this is going to be another fun hobby. But what I got out of it was a way of life. The longer I stay with the Jukido Academy the more I grow mentally, emotionally, and physically, making me much more than I thought I could ever be. I could not imagine life without Jukido Jujitsu.”

Alex Greutman Palm Coast, Florida

My son has been attending for almost five years. He started when he was 7, after an unsuccessful attempt with another location. He absolutely LOVES the classes and Sensei Rego. He attends class as often as possible, sometimes 5 classes a week. It’s amazing to watch the level of determination and focus instilled in him, and to see how committed he is to his own progress. For me, I appreciate the focus on self-discipline and self defense instead of competition. It’s a WONDERFUL environment, and I recommend it to anyone considering martial arts.

Christina Allan Palm Coast, Florida