Private Lessons

GR  Tuula

One of the best ways to embark or enhance your training and take full advantage of the opportunities the Jukido Academy is by taking private classes. We offer three main avenues for private instruction.

They include:

  • Private Student Curriculum (member): Students who study in the “private” program are essentially embarking on a long-term study of the art of Jukido Jujitsu. The student will learn either one-on-one with our Chief Instructor or in a small private group . In the Private Program students learn the holistic curriculum of Jukido Jujitsu: The self-defense curriculum, the art and philosophy, and the pursuit of perfection as a long-term martial artist. Students in the private program are still encouraged to supplement training with occasional, semi-regular, or regular participation in group classes.
  • Private Lesson (member): “Normal” private lessons for established members of the Jukido Academy. During these private classes students will work review fundamentals, spend significant time working on rank specific training, have trouble areas or questions addressed, and get specialized personal attention by our Chief Instructor. These can be done as “single” lessons or can be approached as a series lessons that will be built off of each previous lesson in a progressive manner. Private lessons of this type can taken individually or together with another dojo member.
  • Private Lessons (non-member): These lessons are designed for individuals who are NOT currently students of our school and have no previous knowledge of our art and curriculum. These lessons offer an opportunity to introduce one to the art and learn the “ABCs of Self-Defense.” The classes can address practical techniques to common attacks (grabs, holds, weapons assault, etc.) or it can be tailored to a very specific need (security personnel, those traveling, sexual assault, etc.). These lessons can also be taught as “single” sessions or taken in a series of progressive lessons. In these lessons you will work directly with our Chief Instructor who will give you direct feedback on every technique.