Mr. Artem Gordiyenko

Probationary Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) – Jukido Jujitsu
Florida Jukido Jujitsu Academies (FJJA)- Palm Coast, Florida

Mr. Artem Gordiyenko began his training in the art of Jukido Jujitsu in mid-2005 under the guidance of Sensei George Rego at the main dojo of the Florida Jukido Jujitsu Academies (FJJA) in Palm Coast, Florida. Shortly after, he began his formal training in the karate art of Kokondo.

In many ways Mr. Gordiyenko is unique as a martial artist. He is very tall and incredibly strong, but when watching his techniques and movement he displays the mobility and fluidity of someone much smaller. Despite his size and strength, he has fully embraced, both in principle and in technique, the jujitsu ideal of using the size, strength, and energy of one’s attacker – rather then fighting force on force.

Additionally, watching Mr. Gordiyenko, who stands well over 6 feet tall; perform hip throws and other techniques that require one to drop under the center of gravity of their training partner (or attacker) – one would assume he was always a gifted martial artist. However, this wasn’t always the case. George Rego, his sensei and dojo chief instructor, says about Mr. Gordiyenko:

“Artem is one of the students I am most proud of. Speaking for a moment just on his technical progress. When Artem walked through the doors of our dojo – he was tall, awkward, and was not at all coordinated. However, he had dedication and spirit! His hard work has paid off! He has been an example that one doesn’t have the fit the profile of a martial artist or be “naturally gifted” in order to excel. Rather, he has proven that Shihan Arel’s maxim of “doing one’s best” at all times is what is required for success. Today, he is among the most talented and humble students in our dojo – but he worked for it. This is why he was awarded by our dojo with a special award for ‘Most Improved’ member in December 2007. I’m so proud of him.”

Mr. Gordiyenko is among the most dedicated members of the FJJA. He trains in formal Jukido Jujitsu classes, Kokondo karate sessions, informal training sessions, and Yudanshakai (black belt association) classes. Additionally, Mr. Gordiyenko is a regular attendee of the annual Florida and International Seminars held by the International Kokondo Association.

On December 6, 2009, Mr. Gordiyenko. was promoted to the rank of probationary black belt (shodan) in Jukido Jujitsu. His final evaluation was conducted by Kaicho Howard (IKA International Director), Sensei Rego, and a board of chief instructors from IKA dojo across the United States. He is one the two first Florida Jukido black belts promoted under the authority of Shihan Arel’s successor (along with Mr. Conrad Troha Jr.).

Mr. Gordiyenko is working towards black belt rank in Kokondo Karate and advancement in the black belt ranks of Jukido Jujitsu. During his pursuit of these goals, he remains passionate and obsessive about his most basic techniques. During most of the weekly “open dojo” sessions (something akin to a traditional martial arts study hall), while others are practicing their latest jujitsu and karate kata, intense self-defense practice, and other forms of advanced practice – one will often see Mr. Gordiyenko working Osoto Gari & Ogoshi (the first two formal throws learned in Jukido Jujitsu) along with the beginning white and yellow belts. He, at times, is reminded to work on the more “advanced” material…and while he does, given the opportunity, he would rather perfect minuscule of details in his most basic self-defense sequences. He embodies the training philosophy that “an advanced technique is a basic one done thousands of times.”

Outside of his practice of Kokondo – Mr. Gordiyenko enjoys basketball. He has also had a lifelong fascination with the military. This passion is leading him towards enrollment with the United State Armed Services (likely the US Air Force or Coast Guard) in 2010.