Morote Gari

Morote Gari, commonly referred to as a “double leg takedown” in wrestling circles, is also a technique utilized in the Japanese martial arts of jujitsu and judo. The judo legend, Master Kyuzo Mifune, is shown demonstrating this technique in his classic text, “The Canon of Judo.”

Morote Gari is often an underappreciated and neglected technique, however, the study of this traditional & highly practical throw is incredibly valuable. Not only is it an important tool that the jujutsu practitioner can utilize in defending themselves but a strong understanding of this technique is useful in “reverse engineering” solutions when under attack from the cruder form of this technique that is popularly utilized by young men in street altercations. Likely applied without the finesse of an expert of Morote Gari but often “good enough” and aggressively applied before a “ground and pound” style attack. A primary way to stop a problem is to study it deeply. Understanding it on both sides of the fence. The hardest people in the world to throw are the best throwers in the world. The practice of randori (jujutsu / judo free sparring) proves this daily. Understand both the yin and the yang.

Depicted here is James Thrall applying Morote Gari during a formal Jukido Jujitsu training and self-defense practice emphasizing this important, albeit underutilized, throwing technique of jujitsu.

George Rego Sensei