Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

By Lidia Kuliberda

(written for college level English class – evaluation essay)

Today’s world is full of violence; physical violence, emotional violence, sexual violence. A lot of people want nothing else than to be kind, but they end up being victims in their relationships or workplaces. Violence can be found in intimate places or public places, homes or streets. It does not spread only in the adult world, but it often touches the world of kids. Bullying at schools is out of control. The school bus cannot be considered a safe place anymore. Numbers of cases for domestic violence and sexual assaults are constantly growing. It gets brutal quickly, from arguing to pushes, from pushes to fistfights, from fistfights to hair dragging, kicking, choking and using knives and guns.

“Do not mistake kindness with weakness.” Many kind people do not know that they do not have to be in their violent situations. Most importantly, they do not know how to effectively defend themselves. Flagler Country is extremely lucky to have Jukido Academy, a school that can teach you self-defense. Jukido Academy’s focus is not on sport aspects or competitions but on building skills to help an individual to get out of a dangerous situation and to not fall into being a victim in the first place. In an interview with Jaimie, a brown belt student of Jukido Academy, she was asked what you can gain through the practice and if someone really would be able to defend themselves in real situations. She responded, “Through the practice, you gain awareness and self-confidence! You learn more than just techniques, you learn the how and why they work and from that, you gain self-confidence. You are taught how to be aware of your surroundings and how to avoid situations that could put you in danger. Yes! You certainly learn how to defend yourself in real situations from someone bigger and stronger than you and using that against them!”

Focus on real self-defense is one of the many values ​​that makes Jukido Academy so unique. It is a true approach to martial arts that is missing in today’s world. It is not a money maker school, where children are babysat and every once in a while, they get colorful belts only because their parents pay for it. It is a school that is student-centered. The Master wants the student to discover their power and abilities they were never aware of having. Empowerment and growth are a motive behind every action. It is a traditional martial arts school where instructions, practices, and philosophy are passed from master to master with deserved honor.

Another factor of why Jukido Academy is so well established and well attended lays in its leader himself. Master George Rego, a fifth-degree black belt, is one of only seven living masters in the art of Jukido Jujitsu. He started his study as an eight-year-old boy under his master Shihan Arel, tenth-degree black belt and founder of the art. Master Arel saw in George Rego talent that, together with a tremendous amount of hard work, made this little boy at the age of sixteen the youngest Sensei in the world. Sensei Rego opened Jukido Academy in 1999. For over twenty years he influenced the lives of so many. He is an incredibly talented martial artist and highest quality human being. He sets an example of a man of character as a husband, father, leader, and teacher. He is humble, extremely giving and caring, strong spirited, open hearted, and with a genius mind. A mentor to adults and kids of all ages. When you engage with him, you just want to learn from him anything you can to become the quality of a person that he is. He can be the softest and kindest person in one moment and then the strongest, fastest, sharpest, and the most dangerous in the other- “An iron fist in a velvet glove.” Master Rego represents the art, showing you what Jukido can make you be if you follow the path, training, and philosophy. He shines as an example of what philosophy of Jukido Jujitsu teaches- truthfulness, honor, loyalty, courage, benevolence, justice, and politeness. He is a man who always does his very best in whatever task he encounters.

Master Rego is a very talented, intuitive teacher and a natural psychologist. His teaching is so gentle. Many individuals have a strong resistance, they do not believe they can participate in classes, they are fascinated by the beauty and power of the art but scared of the look and the sound of bodies slamming on the ground. Sensei Rego will always help a student to overcome fear. He can break down the most complicated moves into simple steps to make learning possible for everyone. A dojo is a family where one is helping the other grow. In an interview with Angie, an orange belt student, she was asked if someone is not too old or out of shape to start. She answers, “I would say Jukido Academy is very safe. You’re safe inside the dojo, and train to be safer outside the dojo. As they say, being too old or out of shape to work out is like being too dirty to shower. You start wherever you are, and slowly build up to where you want to be. No one is out to hurt you, only to help you become stronger. “

Jukido Academy teaches over a hundred students per week. The art is designed so even someone who is not too tall or well-built can defeat the attacker who is physically bigger and stronger. The school also specializes in women’s self-defense. One of the students, an orange belt Brandi shares, “I highly recommend Jukido Academy’s Self Defense classes for women in particular because it is life-saving! The training is hands-on and uses real force dynamics to defend against someone bigger and stronger, it gives women a realistic sense of what an attack is like and empowers them to fight back instead of relying on hope alone.”

It is especially beautiful to watch how Master Rego influences children. He genuinely loves kids and kids love him. He gives simple, easy to understand examples. Kids learn focus and discipline, they gain skills and understanding while having a lot of fun. Master Rego expects hard work. He has taught for over twenty years now, so he witnessed many of his young students grow up into strong spirited and successful adults. Some of the students serve in fields of army and law enforcement. Countless parents are thankful for life for the “Forever Strong” philosophy Master Rego installed in their kids.

If you wish to learn a true martial art and realistic self-defense, gain a master who becomes your coach, friend and helping hand in all fields of life; if you want to transform your life and build skills and confidence while gaining valuable friendships, all in a clean, safe and pleasant space visit, and read all five stars google reviews. Start a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery through mastery of the art. “If you work for Jukido, Jukido will work for you” “Nothing so strong as gentleness; Nothing so gentle as real strength.”