Mr. Conrad Troha Sr.

Shodan – Jukido Jujitsu
IKA Certified Instructor – Project Leader on FJJA Police Defensive Tactics Program

Mr. Conrad Troha Sr. began training in the art of Jukido Jujitsu under the guidance of Chief Instructor, Sensei George Rego, in mid 2005. Since that time, Mr. Troha Sr. (along with his sons) have truly committed themselves to their training and have “thrown” themselves fully into the Kokondo way of life, by endeavoring to continually improve as martial artists and to follow the Seven Codes of Bushido. Mr. Troha’s constant presence in the dojo has turned him into an excellent, yet humble, practitioner of Jukido Jujitsu.

In addition to supreme attendance at the dojo, Mr. Troha also attends specialized black belt training. He is also a regular attendee of the annual Florida Kokondo Seminar every December and has attended the IKA’s International Seminar. Mr. Troha’s training also includes semi-regular private instruction with Sensei Rego at the “home dojo” he built for him and his children (all three are Jukido students as well).

Mr. Troha is a special assistant to Sensei Rego & the FJJA – anything the dojo needs, Mr. Troha is among the very first to gladly volunteer with a smile on his face. Whether it be transporting mats for a demonstration, patching a hole in the dojo wall after hard training, or assisting a new student learn the basics of Jukido – Mr. Troha is not only happy to help, but would say that he is honored to help in anyway that he can. Mr. Troha certainly puts his money where his mouth is as it relates to the codes of bushido, especially benevolence.

On December 7, 2008, Mr. Troha Sr. was promoted to the rank of probationary black belt in Jukido Jujitsu. This promotion took place after a series of surprises evaluations by Sensei Rego, Master Robert E. Robert, Master Greg Howard, and the late Shihan Paul Arel. Along with Mr. Bradley Troha (his eldest son) and Ms. Parin Majewski – he holds a special place in Kokondo as being among the three last students to be directly tested and promoted by the founder of the Kokondo arts – Shihan Paul Arel.

One year later, under the supervision of Sensei Rego and Kaicho Howard, he was elevated to full shodan (1st degree black belt). Additionally, due to his ongoing instructors training in youth and adult classes at the dojo and his leadership in the defensive tactics program conducted for the Flagler Beach Police Department – he was awarded the coveted IKA Instuctor Certificate.

Mr. Troha often assists Sensei Rego during youth classes at the Palm Coast dojo and is also a part of a special select group of Jukido-ka that are utilized to teach “the basics” to new adult students. Being helpful by nature and enjoying adding in the success of others, Mr. Troha is a Certified Instructor by the International Kokondo Association (IKA).

Outside of the dojo, Mr. Troha is the proud father of three with a passion for family. Although not “official” Jukido students, his wife and father are also a special part of the FJJA family.