These black belts are individuals who, although inactive for a number of reasons (school, relocation, military service, family & professional obligations, etc.) are still individuals that we recognize due to their significant achievement of earning a black belt under the tutelage of Sensei George Rego and the Jukido Academy.

Ms. Rachel Matheney Rank: Nidan (Inactive)
Mrs. Elizabeth Rego Rank: Nidan (Inactive)
Ms. Kim Fitzgerald Rank: Nidan (Retired)
Mr. Vadim Belinskiy Rank: Shodan (Inactive)
Mr. Chris Smith Rank: Shodan (Inactive)
Mr. Keith Huber Sr. Rank: Shodan
Mr. Tony Kim Rank: Probationary Shodan (Inactive)
Mr. Artem Gordiyenko Rank: Probationary Shodan

Any individual who has ever earned a black belt under Sensei Rego and the Jukido Academy, past or present, is listed here in either the active or inactive list of black belts. Any individual claiming to have a Jukido Jujitsu black belt under the standards, curriculum, and authority of the Jukido Academy would be listed here. If unlisted - the claim is not legitimate.