Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) – Jukido Jujitsu

Palm Coast, Florida

Mr. Justus Scott began his Kokondo martial arts training in the art of Jukido Jujitsu on October 31, 2001. Since that time he has been a key member of the Jukido Academy in Palm Coast, Florida. Mr. Scott has undergone extensive private training with Master George Rego (his personal sensei) and has served as an assistant since he was a senior kyu (ranked below black belt). Mr. Scott is a regular Florida attendee of the IKA International Seminar and the annual Florida regional seminars of the International Kokondo Association (IKA) previously lead by Shihan Arel and now lead by Kaicho Howard. He has also trained privately with Master Howard (9th dan -Kokondo's most senior master).

As an assistant instructor Mr. Scott has helped lead children's classes, including a successful home schooling Jukido Jujitsu program with Master Rego. In addition to this, Mr. Scott previously assisted Shihan Arel at the annual Florida IKA Seminar.

Along with Ms. Rachel Matheney, Ms. Kim Fitzgerald, and Mrs. Elizabeth Rego – Mr. Scott was intensely trained and extensively tested for the rank of Jukido Jujitsu shodan (black belt) in late 2004. This was the first black belt rank evaluations in the history of Jukido Jujitsu & Internatioanl Kokondo Association in Florida. Mr. Scott was tested five times by his sensei and a sixth (and final) time by Shihan Arel. In January of 2005 Mr. Scott was promoted to probationary Shodan. During the 2005 Florida IKA Seminar (December 11, 2005) Mr. Scott was awarded permanent shodan rank.

Around the dojo Mr. Justus Scott is well known and liked for his unique personality, humorous nature, and passion for both of the Kokondo arts as both a dynamic self defense system and way of life. Mr. Scott is often the first to crack a joke (and be the butt of a few them too), but more than anything else – his love of what makes Kokondo unique stands out. Mr. Scott has always had a deep interest in the "little things" and as a result it has made him a formidable martial artist, a knowledgable student, and an honorable human being. His curiosity and helpful nature have build him into a Kokondo-ka who understands that we are all learning and that we can learn from one another – the spirit of Kokondo camaraderie.

Technically, Mr. Scott enjoys the karate-jutsu and kansetsu-waza aspects interwoven into the Jukido Jujitsu formula as well as multiple attackers practice. Mr. Scott's ukemi-waza (break falling techniques) and toughness is well known as he is among favorite uke of Rego Sensei and fellow dojo members.

Outside of Kokondo, Mr. Scott is a proud father. The Scott family also includes Justus Scott III and Skyler Phoniex Scott.