What to expect & Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect when first entering as a potential member of the dojo?

Upon arriving at the Jukido Academy you will be welcomed to the dojo by one of our instructors, most likely our Chief Instructor. After some initial discussion to address any preliminary questions you will be directed toward our student room to store your items (shoes, keys, etc.) while taking part in class.

Shortly thereafter, you (or your child) will be brought onto the main floor of the dojo. Once on the mats one of our instructors or senior members will go through some preliminary warm up and stretching with you in a step-by-step manner while explaining why each movement is performed. Once the pre-class introductory warm up is complete, class begins.

Once your very first class officially begins - you will be taught a one-on-one private lesson that introduces you to the basic self-defense curriculum of Jukido Jujitsu. Your partner during this lesson will be either a senior member of the school or a black belt level assistant instructor (with supervision, guidance, and direct interaction of the Chief Instructor as well). They will not only teach you the techniques but work with you,  "showing" you how to move and feeling your techniques first hand giving you direct feedback on each component of your technique. Of course, this allows you to have questions answered immediately on a one-on-one level. This ensures that at the earliest stage you are establishing a strong foundation of correct understanding and technique as you begin your first steps as a student of Jukido Jujitsu!

From the foundation established in the first class - we methodically incorporate you into the group setting with your second class and beyond. During these early stages your instructors and senior members of the school are there to guide you each step of the way!

What should I wear for my first class?

For your first few classes you should wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you both breathing room and flexibility of movement. Bringing water is never a bad idea and is a good habit to establish early on!

On the mats there are no shoes permitted. Additionally, no drink or food should be consumed on the mats at any time.

What is the atmosphere like?

The atmosphere inside an authentic dojo such as the Jukido Academy is a unique one that is difficult to pin down in just a few words. In many ways it is an atmospheric mosaic. At the Jukido Academy you'll be surrounded by individuals that are determined to learn and cultivate themselves through the art of Jukido Jujitsu. Given that Jukido Jujitsu that focuses so heavily on realistic self-defense there is a unique sense of seriousness that is a must. As such, there is a certain decorum, sense of respect, and discipline of procedure that sets the tone for how the dojo operates.

With that said, the Jukido Academy prides itself on all things having balance. As such, you will see happy faces, smiles, and despite the challenge - class is enjoyable and fun.

Members of the dojo become more than a "team" but truly a family. It is not a competitive environment. Rather an environment where each individual tries to do his best to improve himself as a martial artist and all those around him as well.

The positivity is contagious. The discipline is deep. The focus of mind and capable body are instilled. The bonds built between members are long lasting and authentic.

Wait! I've never done martial arts before. I'm nervous! Is normal?

Of course! Any new adventure can have a mix of emotions: excitement, anxiety, curiosity, etc. The butterflies that some feel are completely normal! In fact, overcoming any nerves is the first step in developing the courage that is one of the defining features of a real martial artist! In fact, if you are anxious, it probably is an indicator that you could benefit from Jukido Jujitsu more than the average person. You'll develop courage, confidence, and the desire to challenge yourself with fighting spirit!

Will I be getting hurt?

Safety is the number one rule of the Jukido Academy and the number one rule of self-defense more broadly. The goal of self-defense is to teach you how to become safe (i.e. - not get hurt). As such, if our goal is to teach you how to protect yourself from getting hurt and yet you are getting injured in class - it doesn't make any sense and is clearly counterproductive. Safety is very much a part of the atmosphere at the Jukido Academy. Safety for yourself and your fellow training partners.

With that said - martial arts training, like any physical activity (basketball, running, riding a bike, tennis) always has some minor risk of getting a bum or bruise. It is possible that occasionally you might twist your foot, overstrain a muscle, or feel a bit sore? Of course it is possible - but that is true of ANY athletic or physical activity. The risk of staying at home and spending hours on the couch with inactivity is MUCH more dangerous to one's overall health.

Jukido Jujitsu is about learning how NOT to get hurt. Getting consistently hurt is counterproductive to that goal. Safety is the number one priority.

Do I need to be physically fit to participate? How will training at the Jukido Academy benefit my health and fitness?

The art of Jukido Jujitsu is designed for "regular people." In order to be a serious art of self-defense it must work for the average (or even below average) physical specimen. Will being fit hurt you? Absolutely not! However, you don't need to be in prime physical condition. With consistent training, discipline, and effort you will not only become capable of defending yourself but also improve your overall general health. You'll develop "fighting" fitness as you learn the art of self defense.

Occasionally, someone will say, "I want to learn Jukido Jujitsu but I need to get 'in shape' first!" That is the absolutely wrong way to think about it. Getting in good shape, whether studying jujitsu or not, is never a bad idea. However, the idea that one has to "get in shape" BEFORE learning martial arts is flawed. The absolute best way to get in shape for Jukido Jujitsu is to practice Jukido Jujitsu. The number one way to get in shape for soccer... is to play soccer. The number one way to get in shape for swimming... is to get in the pool and swim! The same holds true for Jukido Jujitsu.

Members of the Jukido Academy regularly lose 3-5 pounds of water weight per night and many students have had massive weight loss success stories losing close to 100lbs.

Jukido Jujitsu is NOT a "fitness" program. It is a martial art for realistic self-defense. However, one of the side benefits to training - with the correct approach -- is that it most certainly have positive changes in physical, emotional, and mental health.